The old willow tree stood alone on the hill



The old willow tree stood alone on the hill, its branches swaying gently in the breeze. Though alone, it watched over the valley below, protecting the little village tucked within from harsh winds and storms.

One morning, a small sparrow with a broken wing appeared at the base of the tree. It chirped weakly, unable to fly away on its own. The willow’s branches reached down and curled around the tiny bird, sheltering it from view. Over time, other birds visited and kept the sparrow company as it healed. Soon, its wing grew strong again under the watchful care of the willow and new friends.

On a bright sunny day, the sparrow spread its wings and took flight, soaring up into the clear blue sky. It circled the willow in thanks before joining the other birds to sing their morning song. Though alone, the willow was never lonely, for it found purpose in helping others and bringing them joy, as they in turn kept it company. Its branches continued to sway peacefully in the breeze, overlooking the valley below.


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