Hang on, it will get better…



You don’t have to explode to be noticed.

You don’t win that friend group over; stop trying to.

People are going to talk shit, let them.

You know the truth.

You have sincere intentions with awkward execution.

I understand you, even if you feel like nobody else does.

Some texts are better left unsent.

You will never be “too much” for the right people.

That said, you will be “too much” for others, and you need to respect that.

You can laugh at yourself without making yourself the joke.

Don’t give up on your art.

Don’t give up on yourself.

Don’t give away your power.

Slow down.

Spend as much time with the one’s you love as possible.

Forgive yourself.

You’re really, really, really bad at math, but you’re going to need to keep showing up to class anyway.

Stay curious.

Keep reading.

Keep your heart on your sleeve (but maybe cover it up every now and then).

You’re allowed to feel things deeply but work on how you express those emotions.

You become friends with your parents, cut them more slack.

You finally find your people.

You’re not alone.

You get into college.

You turn into a writer.

You help others.

You get your shit together.

You’re not so bad, be kinder to yourself.

  • Hang on, it will get better.
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