You’re gonna realize one day that my love is different



You’re gonna realize one day that my love is different. That my love is special that I’m special and that this is worth fighting for. That I’m worth fighting for.

My love for you goes far beyond just your beauty. It runs deep in my heart and in my soul. I love you for everything that you are. I love everything that makes you.You’re gonna realize that my words aren’t just spoken that they’re meant. That when I tell you I love you, when I say I’m here, when I say I will fight for you, and when I say you have me that it is real.

So don’t tell me “Let go. Forget, hate me, give up. Do better, you deserve better.” because you know I won’t. I tell you how I feel, I remind you how I feel and I try to show you every day, every chance I get. So stop pushing me away, stop telling me to walk away, stop thinking this is what you need to do for me because it’s not.

I pray everyday for you, for this, for us and everyday my prayer is met with a sign that says keep pushing, keep going, don’t give up. So I won’t give up, I won’t walk away. I’ll keep pushing for us.

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