You Deserve More Than…



You Deserve More Than…

Half-assed effort.

Apologies without changed behavior.

Your negative self-talk.

Being left on read for a week by someone who supposedly likes you.

Being treated like a convenience.

Being treated like a trial run.

Pretending to be someone you’re not because you think that this person is more worth loving than who you actually are.

Not speaking your truth.

Not stepping into your power.

Not giving yourself a chance.

Refusing to do something you know will better your life because you’re convinced you don’t actually deserve to be happy.

Not honoring how you feel.

Constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Always assuming the worst.

The bare minimum.

Unmatched energy.

Fair-weather friends.

Rude dates.

People who have decided they do not care to understand you.

Staying in places you know you have outgrown.

Staying at a party you’re not having fun at.

Staying quiet when you’re aching to be heard.

Living a life you know isn’t actually your own.

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