Take the long way home



Take the long way home.

Enjoy the scenery.

Observe the way they wake up and take note of what makes them laugh.

Know when it’s about them and when it’s about you.

Find the spectacular in the mundane.

Ask them to text you when they get home, to work, or their vacation destination.

Be infinitely curious about how they live their days.

Take time apart.

Make room on the couch.

Embrace the fact you don’t know what’s best for them.

Set boundaries.

Express gratitude.

Practice trust, even when it’s scary (especially then).

Keep both feet on the ground.

Admit your mistakes.

Accept their apologies.

Throw away the scorecard.

Kiss like you mean it.

Ask more questions.

Accept that it can be really hard to merge two paths; keep trying to anyway.

Give them the aux cord.

Give them the last fry.

Give them the last word, even if you’re really fucking pissed.

Figure out what is worth the fight and what is not.

Hold the door.

Hold their hand.

Hold space.

Save them a seat.

Notice the scattered gold flecks in their eyes.

Tell them you’re proud of them; tell them this often.

Dance in the kitchen.

Play hide-and-seek in the grocery store.

Know you’re lucky.

Don’t be hasty.

Point out the dip in the sidewalk.

Offer your arm.

Offer your heart.

Offer your world.

Know when it’s time to lovingly let go.

Know when you need to hang on like hell.


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