Missing someone doesn’t mean you made the wrong decision in letting go



Missing someone doesn’t mean you made the wrong decision in letting go. It doesn’t mean that deep down you’re confused or unsure. It doesn’t mean you’re destined to be together or that your original feelings were misplaced.

It means that what you had was real. That there was love and genuine connection and a bond that made an impact. And that’s okay.

It makes sense that you would miss them. It makes sense that you would feel hurt and destroyed and sad.

Healing doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to figure out how to navigate life without them.

Time to create a new routine and find different people to fill your circle. Don’t run back just because you’re feeling the heaviness of that hole.

You let them go for a reason. That reason hasn’t changed just because they’re not in your life.

You can’t go back to what broke you. You can’t sacrifice your sanity and self-care for a momentary feeling of discomfort.

The sadness will pass. The hurt will fade. New people will take their place and someday soon, your heart will feel full again.

So when the longing gets heavy and you feel yourself thinking about going back, remember that it’s okay to miss them.

It’s okay to wish things could have worked. And it’s okay to keep walking.


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