Don’t worry so much about love



Don’t worry so much about who’s going to love you, or how they’re going to love you, or when you’re going to find love.

Love is the most infinite and effortless presence in this world. It’s found in the tiny crevices of human nature the way flowers bloom and in the way birds always have enough food to eat. It’s found in hospital rooms, and grocery stores, in home-cooked meals, and in the smiles of passing strangers. Love is in the music you listen to, and in the jokes you make, and it’s in the way you always return home for the holidays. Love is ‘are you okay,’ and ‘get home safe,’ and ‘did you have enough food to eat.’ Love is the way your heart beats every day and how your body wakes up every morning and how your soul continues to exist so freely.

You don’t need to worry about love. It is all around you, every day, in every moment. It can reach you at your best and it will meet you at your worst. There is no force in this world stronger than love.

There is no reason to believe that love cannot find you.

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