Before you do anything, think



One day a shepherd offended a man. This man harbored a grudge against him and decided to take revenge on him. He chose a day and, late at night, began to dig a hole for his offender.

When he was digging this hole, he imagined how his offender would fall into it and break something, for example an arm or a leg, and maybe even die in it, without having a chance to get out of there. Or, in extreme cases, his sheep, ram, cow, or at worst, a goat will fall into the hole. He dug long and persistently, dreaming of revenge, and did not even notice how the hole was getting deeper and deeper.

Dawn came imperceptibly, and he woke up from his thoughts. Imagine his surprise when he saw that during this time he had dug such a deep hole that he himself was no longer able to get out of it!

Hence the conclusion: before you dig a hole for someone else, even if only in your thoughts, remember that in order to dig it, you yourself will have to be in it, since the first one in it is the one who digs it.


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