How to Care Less about What Other People Think



How to Care Less about What Other People Think

  • Know what matters to you, personally – what you stand for, and what your values are.
  • Don’t be anxious about breaking social norms. The more often you do this, the less it bothers you.
  • Decide not to live as a people pleaser, or to get upset and take rejection personally.
  • Hang out with people who are self-confident, who know what they believe in, and what they want from life. You’ll find that their self-confidence will rub off on you, too.
  • Try to work on becoming more competent in the skills and areas that matter to you. That will naturally enhance your self-confidence, and develop a self-image that is strong and positive.
  • Travel, and spend time with different kinds of people. That will show you how diverse attitudes and outlooks are. There’s no one way of being – so find, and be yourself.
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