Everything you can imagine is real



Our thoughts and dreams shape our reality. The mind is an incredibly powerful tool – whatever we focus on and envision, we give energy and life to. Though the physical manifestation may not yet exist, the mere act of imagining brings it into being on a spiritual level.

This truth applies to both positive and negative visions. If we dwell on worst-case scenarios, we attract those outcomes. But if we nurture hopeful dreams, we call those into our lives as well. The choice is ours: will we cultivate optimism or pessimism? Light or darkness? Joy or fear?

When we imagine vividly and feel strongly, we send a ripple out into the universe. Though intangible at first, our dreams gain momentum and substance. Brick by brick, we mentally construct our ideal world. Piece by piece, we watch it materialize before our eyes.

Anything is possible if we can conceive it. The limits we place on our imagination are the only chains holding us back. Once we break free of doubt and believe wholeheartedly in our creative power, we become unstoppable. We write the story of our lives page by page.

So dream with abandon. Envision your destiny in full technicolor. What you imagine doesn’t have to remain a fantasy – with focused intention, it can become your reality. Mind over matter is far more than an abstract concept. Your thoughts and beliefs shape your world. Everything you can imagine is real.


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