6 Pillars to Becoming Wealthy

6 Pillars to Becoming Wealthy

  1. One: Don’t have children until you’ve built your wealth.
  2. Two: Secure passive income before you start spending actively.
  3. Three: Always have a side hustle, even if you have a full-time job.
  4. Four: Real estate is crucial. Don’t aim to buy real estate; get real estate and wait.
  5. Five: Avoid being generous too early. If you harvest a plant before it’s mature, it will die.
  6. Six: Continuous learning leads to regular earning.

It’s better to buy or build a house in a less desirable part of a good location than to own real estate in a good part of a bad location.

Real estate values follow population growth.

The first rule of real estate is location. As long as the world’s land mass doesn’t increase but the population does, well-located real estate will always appreciate.

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