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Name: Lianne Sentar; head editor, writer, complainer
Age: 26
E-mail: liannesentar@yahoo.com
Got her degree in: Chemistry
Actually does as a job: Thinks up synonyms for “argh.”
Tastes like: Lianne has spent the past 8 years as an editor/writer in the manga industry, yet still can’t predict what will sell to save her life. She likes all kinds of shoujo, tactical video games, the ballet, and YOUR MOM LAST NIGHT.
She actually doesn’t look anything like this.
Name: NotHayama; writer, hater of everything
Age: 26
E-mail: just leave a comment
Got her degree in: Music
Actually does as a job: Manga consultant/dealer for libraries, specializing in not sending yaoi to the 12-year-olds who request it.
Tastes like: NotHayama wishes she could enjoy more manga, but so much of it sucks and her bitter, shriveled heart won’t let her overlook that. She loves anti-porn (aka super chaste, well-meaning media) and hates being told she resembles Hayama from Kodocha. She would kill for a good manga version of Jane Eyre.
This is the last time I let NotHayama near the paint tool!
Name: Bad Jew; writer, incredibly inflammatory and poorly religious young man who will one day be struck down
Age: 24
E-mail: jewishbacon@gmail.com
Got his degree in: Economic Geography
Actually does as a job: PhD student, and thus slobbering academic slave/T.A.
Tastes like: Bad Jew has the uncanny ability to attract girls over the Internet, possibly because his name implies a rebellious nature. Dogs routinely attack him because he smells of bacon. He loves studying so much that he married it once, although the relationship ended messily when studying cheated on him with Not Studying For A Change.
Taishi - one of four Jews in anime.

Recurring Contributors!

Orange Skirt
Orange Skirt!
Age: 19
E-mail: orange.skirt@gmail.com; Website: http://orangeskirt.livejournal.com
Day job: Student/shopgirl

A wise man once said, there are three ways to deal with Orange Skirt: you can argue with her, you can argue at her, or you can stand by while she judges you. As a child, Orange Skirt was able to get away with far too much, and as an adult, that hasn’t changed. It is agreed upon that she either has incredible luck, or a mass conspiracy working in her favor. She would like to believe the former. Her favorite color is rubine red, and she loves magical girls more than you will ever know. She has never understood the appeal of keeping her voice down. SHE LIKES TO READ IN HER SPARE TIME.

Age: 25
E-mail: she doesn’t want creeps like you to find her
Day job: Graphic designer

Amethist is mostly responsible for the site design of Sleep is for the Weak, although her templates are often ruined by Lianne’s stupidity and thus she doesn’t want credit for the abomination that results. Too late! She likes a good cosplay and a good steak. She’s been known to speak first, smile big, and then apologize profusely for all the people, places, and things she irreparably offended. Resident Phoenix Wright fangirl and all-around “wacky bastard.” Good for parties.

Age: Ripe
E-mail: luffyonepiece@hotmail.com; Webpage: http://www.geocities.com/squarefanfic/
Day job: Lime

Raised by a group of experimental human/lime hybrids that escaped a nuclear testing plant somewhere far away, Lime-kun was captured at the tender age of one and a half and taught the various ways of a citrus fruit. Since then he has decided to wear a ridiculously large lime-like hat and run around the fields of Japan with a butterfly-catching net. He would also like to note there are no further connotations to his citrus references beside the connotation that limes are green.

Adamus Prime
Age: 25
E-mail: Bah!
Day job: Grind

Adamus hasn’t been a part of this site for years, but we keep him on this page for posterity and his awesome avatar.

…And yes, yes, because we still love him, yes.

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