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Hellsing Review

The reformatting and/or update of this review is still in process. Until then, the review (in its old format) can be found at:


Sorry for the delay.

One Response to “Hellsing Review”

  1. on 29 Oct 2009 at 2:28 am Merlo

    Hellsing?? Shonen?? Oh God, you’re a bit off there…

    I very much agree with your review in that plot is NOT the series’ best feature, it seriously deviates from the manga. There are a few cool fights here and there, but otherwise everything tends to come off as way too much over-the-top and a bit silly. The animation isn’t that great, either.

    I feel a bit silly, since it’s been 2 years already, but since you put up your review there’s now an OVA, and the manga is complete (if you didn’t know). OVA is much better, animation- and plot-wise, but I think the original manga is the best. It’s one of my favorites, actually.

    Unfortunately, the OVA’s soundtrack isn’t anywhere near as cool as the TV series’. But everything else makes up for it.

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