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Blade of the Immortal Review

The reformatting and/or update of this review is still in process. Until then, the review (in its old format) can be found at:


Sorry for the delay.

One Response to “Blade of the Immortal Review”

  1. on 02 Apr 2009 at 10:54 am Sarah

    I think your review was ok but it left some important things out. So It suprises me slightly that no one reviewing “Blade of the immortal” brings them up. Like, who is really the head-character of this series, what is really the conflict? And it has lots of Political and socialistic statements in it, though it seems hard for us non-japanese to catch thoose connotations since it is not our history it is refering to. Take the “Anotsu kagehisa” Character and his itto ryu – it is a real historic figure and that school still exists within Kendo and general japansese budo.

    ah, well well….

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