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Spain just won the FIFA World Cup, making every city (including mine) extremely loud and annoying as everyone tries to pretend they were rooting for Spain all along. Also, this FIFA has been more obnoxious than almost anything on earth…or Middle-Earth.

But in my desperation to fill my head with positive sports thoughts and thus not throw bricks through windshields, I’m reminded of an anime I began recently. It’s called The Big Wind-Up. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? Now it has a Mini Review that’s far more personal than necessary. I blame the ringing in my ears, which is making me very personally irritated.

I also updated the Black Butler review after screaming my way through the first episode of series two (seriously, WTF). Bad Jew is going to have some insane Scott Pilgrim stuff up soon. And for those of you in Toronto, there is an upcoming geek party you cannot miss. It’s a good time to be a Torontonian.

…Except for tonight. SHUT UP, ALL OF OUTSIDE.

Ignore the two days of downtime. IGNORE IT! (none of you noticed, did you? Well, one of you did and thanks for tipping me off about it, it’s not like I ever read this stupid site.) But rejoice gentle readers, change is coming. For one NotHayama is back from the outer reaches of space. Well, not that outer. She hardly even got past the troposphere. And for two, I have made something beautiful for you. But first, let me explain.

All of us here at the Sleep is for the Weak team are necessarily scottoholics. That means we are diehard fans of the Scott Pilgrim comic book, movie (trailer 1, trailer 2, the international trailer and the TV spot are things for you to be viewing), the video game (trailer, also required viewing) and even the plushies. You have no idea how intertwined our lives are with the comic.

So, I decided to combine my twin skills of geographomancy and scottoholism to make a map of every single Toronto location in Scott Pilgrim. See, more than any other comic, Scott Pilgrim is deeply embedded in the city of Toronto (my city). Sure, Spider-Man does his hangouts in NYC, but you never see him arguing with Triple-J about where to get the best bagels (obviously, H & H Bagels on 46th). But Scott Pilgrim happens in Toronto. No generic street scenes for this comic, every location is carefully referenced, including the Reference Library. So, with the help of my dedicated assistant, I mapped out over 40 identifiable locations in the first 5 volumes and then counted up the number of scenes and panels in each location.

In a few weeks you’ll be getting a fully interactive map with scans and photos. But for now, here is some map porn to tide you over. And Rule 34 is strongly in effect.

Intensity of Scott Pilgrim per Square Yard

This is where Scott Pilgrim does his hangouts, if his hangouts follow the same principals as ground water hydrology

Hello my little jazz cats.

Yes it has been a long time since we’ve posted. Yes we’re sorry. Yes we’re trying to change for the better. No, you don’t deserve better. Anyways, it has been interesting times for all of us on the sleepisfortheweak.org team. NotHayma, she’s in space now. Well, we all are, but her especially.  Anyway, I wanted to give all of you out there in radio-land two quick, ultra-mini reviews of stuff that came out this week.

Saturn Apartments

Class conflict in space. I was hoping that this would be the next PlanetES, but it’s not. I like the art, but the writing and characters seem a bit off. For instance, the main antagonist doesn’t like the protagonist because he (the antagonist) thinks that the protagonist has had it waaaaay to easy since the protagonist’s father died on the job. I’ll keep on buying this one, because I like comics about poor people in space. It gives me hope that one day I’ll join NotHayma up there.

I’ll Give It My All…Tomorrow

Normally I don’t like quasi-autobiographical comics about cartoonists talking about how hard it is to be cartoonists. This comic is no exception. It’s a bit better than some others I can name, but at the end of the day, it’s still about a guy (not) drawing comics. I can see myself do that everyday for free.

More crappy josei.

Dammit. Why is there so much crappy josei in the West? It’s not like there are a lot of titles to choose from, and when 75% of them stink…gah, it’s so frustrating.

On that note, NotHayama wrote a mini review of Ristorante Paradiso. It’s not particularly positive.

In other news, Togainu no Chi is getting animated (trailer slightly not safe for work), and it’s going to be a bloody mess that may or may not include graphic man-on-man sex scenes. I’m frightened.


There’s only one proper way to say that word.

I wrote a combined Mini-Review-type-thing for three excellent manga with bio/chem themes: Moyashimon, Apothecarius Argentum, and The Tyrant Falls in Love. Didn’t someone recently say we don’t review enough genres? There – a seinen, a shoujo, and a yaoi in one review. Efficiency is the paintbrush with which I create my lazy masterpieces.

Also, I wanted to let all readers know that yes, even when we disappear for a while, I still read the comments left on this site. If your comment is off-topic or barely coherent, it gets deleted to save everyone’s precious time. I occasionally enjoy leaving up shitstorms for the sake of entertainment, though. If I had to guess what anime/manga would bring out droves of people snarling on either side, I wouldn’t have said S.A.

I liked Bad Jew’s last update. It was very…real. And by “real” I mean it existed, which was exciting for this place and its awful, awful updating schedule of once every when-we-get-off-our-asses (aka four months).

But you’ll like this update better, because it has STUFF. A mini review of Kami no Shizuku by Bad Jew and a mini review of Mad Love Chase by me. Also, guess what? Starry Sky is going to be an anime soon. Like, whoa. I call Cancer. He makes his girlfriend cookies, and according to the franchise, THAT GIRLFRIEND IS ME.

We are not dead (yet)

My friends, my friends. We continue to be aware of the site. More than aware; in fact, it fills us with guilt each and every day we don’t update.

But, in our defense, we’ve been quite busy. Lianne had started a new job where she performs SCIENCE!, Not Hayama got a promotion and is now literally in charge of defending the entire planet from asteroids, and I finished my PhD Comprehensive exams and now am an official PhD Candidate.

We have things in store you for you, the reader. But you will read them when you are (slightly) older.

Warning: Girly

I decided to try and explain/review Starry Sky. It’s really girly. Like, seriously. Most people probably couldn’t care less about it. It also took me months of research to untangle it, considering my Japanese is pretty crappy. More months wasted! That should be the official motto of our website.

Sleep is for the Weak: Proof of Wasted Life.

Amethist, can we get that made into our new logo?

An update of updates! Whoa.

In honor of the release of a big ol’ Nana anime boxset in the West, we updated our Nana not-that-Mini Review, since NotHayama left it somewhat open-ended last time and our contributor Orange Skirt wanted to add her opinion (and cover the non-manga versions of the franchise). The review is now significantly more robust, although not much more flattering. To even that out, I updated the Togainu no Chi Mini Review and was sure to be extra flattering. What can I say? A manga that started out weak got super good super fast and nowIwantthenextvolumeOMGargh.

In other news, I’m mourning Tokyopop’s loss of the Rave Master license, since I’ve been working on that series for them for years and I had to stop one volume short of the ending (at Volume 35). If some other company gets to release the last few volumes, it’s sad that the English adaptation will have to be LESS AMAZING. *nudge nudge*

Or not so silently, in this case, since Bad Jew and I got back to our non-Canadian roots and wrote two mini reviews that basically accuse every person of being an idiot or a sexist asshole if s/he’s not on board. Yes, this is how we return from a many-week hiatus. Sleep is for the Weak clearly cares for and respects our repeat readers.

In better (?) news, we got some shit sorted and now we’re back. Updates will start landing every week or two. We spent a LOT of our time off catching up on reading/watching new stuff so we can actually reviews things now. Imagine that (gasp)!

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