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Chromatic Press

Sleep is for the Weak debuted in the summer of 2002. Thank you for all your support over the last decade, despite the horrible, horrible updating schedule and general sloppiness of this place. For the last 18 months, we’ve taken everything we’ve learned here and applied it toward something delicious. Along with Lillian Diaz-Przybyl (formerly [...]

Bad Jew did a very involved Mini Review of RideBack several months ago, but I’m only posting it now because I’m a terrible person. Enjoy. For those of you following Tokyo Demons, I’m almost done with Book 1. My God, I’m tired. And NotHayama’s dramatized audio book of it is coming along and is surprisingly [...]

Maybe I shouldn’t be linking to this, but the older I get, the less shame I have. It’s a terrible trend. I was a guest on this week’s /report, a podcast run (in part) by Moonklutz, the actress who plays Ayase in the Tokyo Demons audio book. The topic this week was manga for women, [...]

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m super excited about the new models for legal reading of manga online. There’s vizmanga.com (currently on my iPod), the promising JManga (YOUNG MAGICIAN IS ON THERE YOU GUYS), and now DMP’s emanga.com is featuring the new Digital Manga Guild (DMG) titles. I wrote a mini review of [...]

This has been a tough spring. I had several long posts about Tokyopop’s demise that I revised over and over and eventually decided not to publish, just because they were too emotional. I worked freelance for that company for 12 years, and it only existed for about 15. They hired me when I was still [...]

Tokyo Demons

I think I’m finally ready to announce something…NotHayama and I have been working on a secret project for a while, an original online serial (prose) with illustrations by Priscilla Hamby/rem. Although I’m going to be fiddling with the website and format for months (and it technically went online a few weeks ago), I think it’s [...]

Josei showcase

I figure we can only offer crazy excuses once we’ve successfully updated this webpage more than once. So I’ll be quiet and simply offer up two Mini Reviews for now: one for Butterflies, Flowers and the other for Princess Jellyfish. I hope you’ve all been well the past, ahem, six months.

Spain just won the FIFA World Cup, making every city (including mine) extremely loud and annoying as everyone tries to pretend they were rooting for Spain all along. Also, this FIFA has been more obnoxious than almost anything on earth…or Middle-Earth. But in my desperation to fill my head with positive sports thoughts and thus [...]

Dammit. Why is there so much crappy josei in the West? It’s not like there are a lot of titles to choose from, and when 75% of them stink…gah, it’s so frustrating. On that note, NotHayama wrote a mini review of Ristorante Paradiso. It’s not particularly positive. In other news, Togainu no Chi is getting [...]


There’s only one proper way to say that word. I wrote a combined Mini-Review-type-thing for three excellent manga with bio/chem themes: Moyashimon, Apothecarius Argentum, and The Tyrant Falls in Love. Didn’t someone recently say we don’t review enough genres? There – a seinen, a shoujo, and a yaoi in one review. Efficiency is the paintbrush [...]

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