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I don’t know about you guys, but I’m super excited about the new models for legal reading of manga online. There’s vizmanga.com (currently on my iPod), the promising JManga (YOUNG MAGICIAN IS ON THERE YOU GUYS), and now DMP’s emanga.com is featuring the new Digital Manga Guild (DMG) titles. I wrote a mini review of DMG’s first title, a story I’d read before but paid the genuine seven bucks to read again: Tired of Waiting for Love.

With the exception of maybe the Viz system, none of these models is strong enough to effectively compete with the piracy that’s tearing our industry apart, but they’re definitely on the right track. I think DMG is super close, considering the fandom it’s specifically going after (BL), and if JManga can bring their prices down, they’re on the cusp of something great. I’m looking forward to watching the manga industry use Science to push us toward the Manga of Tomorrow. Maybe I can just hook up comics to my bloodstream via an I.V. in a few years. Think of the time I’d save!

(P.S.–I’ve always loved the netcomics.com system, and they’ve gotten the most of my business so far. But you know how I feel about some of their titles.)

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