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Ignore the two days of downtime. IGNORE IT! (none of you noticed, did you? Well, one of you did and thanks for tipping me off about it, it’s not like I ever read this stupid site.) But rejoice gentle readers, change is coming. For one NotHayama is back from the outer reaches of space. Well, not that outer. She hardly even got past the troposphere. And for two, I have made something beautiful for you. But first, let me explain.

All of us here at the Sleep is for the Weak team are necessarily scottoholics. That means we are diehard fans of the Scott Pilgrim comic book, movie (trailer 1, trailer 2, the international trailer and the TV spot are things for you to be viewing), the video game (trailer, also required viewing) and even the plushies. You have no idea how intertwined our lives are with the comic.

So, I decided to combine my twin skills of geographomancy and scottoholism to make a map of every single Toronto location in Scott Pilgrim. See, more than any other comic, Scott Pilgrim is deeply embedded in the city of Toronto (my city). Sure, Spider-Man does his hangouts in NYC, but you never see him arguing with Triple-J about where to get the best bagels (obviously, H & H Bagels on 46th). But Scott Pilgrim happens in Toronto. No generic street scenes for this comic, every location is carefully referenced, including the Reference Library. So, with the help of my dedicated assistant, I mapped out over 40 identifiable locations in the first 5 volumes and then counted up the number of scenes and panels in each location.

In a few weeks you’ll be getting a fully interactive map with scans and photos. But for now, here is some map porn to tide you over. And Rule 34 is strongly in effect.

Intensity of Scott Pilgrim per Square Yard

This is where Scott Pilgrim does his hangouts, if his hangouts follow the same principals as ground water hydrology

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