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There’s only one proper way to say that word.

I wrote a combined Mini-Review-type-thing for three excellent manga with bio/chem themes: Moyashimon, Apothecarius Argentum, and The Tyrant Falls in Love. Didn’t someone recently say we don’t review enough genres? There – a seinen, a shoujo, and a yaoi in one review. Efficiency is the paintbrush with which I create my lazy masterpieces.

Also, I wanted to let all readers know that yes, even when we disappear for a while, I still read the comments left on this site. If your comment is off-topic or barely coherent, it gets deleted to save everyone’s precious time. I occasionally enjoy leaving up shitstorms for the sake of entertainment, though. If I had to guess what anime/manga would bring out droves of people snarling on either side, I wouldn’t have said S.A.

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