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I liked Bad Jew’s last update. It was very…real. And by “real” I mean it existed, which was exciting for this place and its awful, awful updating schedule of once every when-we-get-off-our-asses (aka four months).

But you’ll like this update better, because it has STUFF. A mini review of Kami no Shizuku by Bad Jew and a mini review of Mad Love Chase by me. Also, guess what? Starry Sky is going to be an anime soon. Like, whoa. I call Cancer. He makes his girlfriend cookies, and according to the franchise, THAT GIRLFRIEND IS ME.

One Response to “Of wine and demons…and Wine Demons, who are both people who like wine too much and demons who are made of wine.”

  1. on 30 Jan 2010 at 2:58 pm Nicole

    I’m glad you guy are updating again, I still come back to this website to read (and re-read) your hilarious articles and spot-on reviews. Keep ‘em coming!

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