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We are not dead (yet)

My friends, my friends. We continue to be aware of the site. More than aware; in fact, it fills us with guilt each and every day we don’t update.

But, in our defense, we’ve been quite busy. Lianne had started a new job where she performs SCIENCE!, Not Hayama got a promotion and is now literally in charge of defending the entire planet from asteroids, and I finished my PhD Comprehensive exams and now am an official PhD Candidate.

We have things in store you for you, the reader. But you will read them when you are (slightly) older.

One Response to “We are not dead (yet)”

  1. on 23 Dec 2009 at 5:38 am Couldumayb

    That’s good, I was wondering when you guys were going to update this site. Your reviews are much appreciated. ^^
    If it’s not too much trouble I was wondering if you could give Skip Beat a long review (not just a mini one), it is a great manga and has managed to get up to chapter 150 by now (try manga traders for all the volumes).
    Good luck with your new job positions btw!

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