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An update of updates! Whoa.

In honor of the release of a big ol’ Nana anime boxset in the West, we updated our Nana not-that-Mini Review, since NotHayama left it somewhat open-ended last time and our contributor Orange Skirt wanted to add her opinion (and cover the non-manga versions of the franchise). The review is now significantly more robust, although not much more flattering. To even that out, I updated the Togainu no Chi Mini Review and was sure to be extra flattering. What can I say? A manga that started out weak got super good super fast and nowIwantthenextvolumeOMGargh.

In other news, I’m mourning Tokyopop’s loss of the Rave Master license, since I’ve been working on that series for them for years and I had to stop one volume short of the ending (at Volume 35). If some other company gets to release the last few volumes, it’s sad that the English adaptation will have to be LESS AMAZING. *nudge nudge*

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  1. on 06 Oct 2010 at 3:01 pm lovelyduckie

    Wow…I had no idea Rave Master was in such a tricky position. I pre-ordered the last Omnibus Volume in June. But now…Amazon is asking me to sign up to be notified about this item, no pre-orders. The good news is that Del Rey picked it up and announced it at the NY Anime Festival. But with them transforming to Kodansha USA will I still get to complete my 35 volume series? :(

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